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COVID-19 and New Jersey's Commercial Real Estate Industry

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on New Jersey's commercial real estate industry, such as the closure of corporate headquarters in Manhattan and Philadelphia, the sudden shift to working from home, and the economic impact of the shutdown orders on small businesses. While unfortunate for large cities and other urban areas, this shift can have a beneficial impact for suburban New Jersey as companies embrace new ways to remain flexible and offer safety to their employees.

Lindabury's Commercial Real Estate Services group continues to assist clients as they navigate the challenges created by COVID-19.

New Jersey’s Commercial Real Estate Industry

Download our FREE e-book: COVID-19 and New Jersey’s Commercial Real Estate Industry and have easy access to answers for these common questions. This guide includes:

  • Details specifically written for professionals in the commercial real estate industry of New Jersey, regarding trends in traditional office space versus collaboration space
  • What demands the working-from-home trend will bring for smaller office space leases
  • The New Jersey landlord “right to distrain” and what that could mean for the property of tenants who owe rent on a leased premises
  • Special sections discussing important issues in analyzing an office lease, defining CAM (common area maintenance,) analysis of the HOPE Act, and more!

The attorneys of Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook & Cooper’s Commercial Real Estate Services group have created this essential guide for Commercial Real Estate professionals, so they can adapt to the changing times in the market.

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