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Expanding Cyberinsurance Market Brings Benefits to Healthcare

In a recently published article by Relias Media, Andrew Gibbs says “It is useful to think of cyberinsurance as filling in gaps in existing insurance coverage.  Cyberinsurance can fill in gaps, and in some cases give you interlocking or overlapping coverage.  A large organization might have a crime policy with a social engineering endorsement, and then if you get a standalone cyberpolicy that also has social engineering coverage, you’ll have an overlap. That overlap helps protect you because those policies are going to limits and exclusions that might be overcome by the other policy.”

“There may be higher deductibles for certain kinds of cyberlosses, so healthcare organizations should get with their brokers or lawyers and try to maximize the coverage they can get within their financial restraints,” Gibbs says. “They also should watch carefully for exclusions and language that lessens the coverage.”

You may download the full article here.

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