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Experts Warn of Cyber Attacks on Smart Cities and Buildings

Eric Levine, co-chair of Lindabury’s Cybersecurity & Data Privacy practice group spoke recently to attendees during NAIOP New Jersey’s final installment of their “Future Proof Your Buildings” series.

Coverage of the event by Real Estate Weekly was recently published providing highlights and strategies for ensuring security of smart cities throughout the state.

Eric says he believes liability is one of the fundamental risks facing building owners.

“A landlord will always be judged by whether or not they reasonably protected the tenant. If you provide the system it’s your responsibility to make sure it’s secure,” Levine said. “However, the more outward-facing points of entry and the friendlier the building is for a tenant, the more risk there is.”

Levine advises building owners to identify the types of tenants in the building, the information they have and what systems are in play.

Leasing language should be adapted to provide adequate protection. “You may have to ask high-risk tenants if they have cyber security policies and make sure they are auditing their systems every few years,” he said. “Consider including language regarding tenant use of vendors and requiring them to provide proof of security coverage.”

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