M&A Transactions and Owner Taxation

On June 15th Lindabury Tax Partner Robert Schwartz partnered with Walter Szymanski from Everingham & Kerr, Inc. to present a webinar in which they discussed the process of buying and selling closely held businesses and the tax implications of common deal structures.

The presentation provides knowledge of the current market for sales of closely held businesses and the ramifications of proposed Federal income tax reductions on the market place as well as knowledge guiding a buyer or seller’s thinking through the process of selling or buying a business. The two discussed such factors as business valuation, strategies to increase the business’ multiples and lending conditions impacting deal values and frequency. We also discuss the taxation factors for both buyers and sellers that are determined mainly by the legal entity through which the business has been historically operated (e.g. C-Corp, S-Corp or LLC).

For more than 60 years, Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook & Cooper has represented buyers and sellers in corporate transactions across a broad spectrum of industries. In addition to providing transactional counseling, Lindabury’s M&A team is adept at providing clients insight to the wide range of ancillary considerations buyers and sellers need to be aware of including estate planning, key employee rewards and contract price claw backs for undisclosed liabilities. As an established boutique investment bank and M&A advisory firm representing sellers and buyers of lower middle-market businesses, Everingham & Kerr has spent the last 30 years matching buyers and sellers of businesses and will close their 500th deal later this year.