It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Management Transition

Lindabury Partner and President, David Pierce, shares his insight on developing, adopting and implementing strategic management transition plans in the Leadership Issue of Law Practice Today by the American Bar Association (ABA) Law Practice Division.

“Navigating a transition in the management of a law firm can be daunting and troublesome, but it is an absolutely necessary endeavor for the long-term survival of the firm. While many firms have been in operation for 50-plus years, it is easy to rattle off a list of firms that have imploded or disintegrated after experiencing decades of success. Nothing lasts forever. As the Second Law of Thermodynamics says, entropy (disorder) is always increasing in an isolated system. That does not mean that one shouldn’t try to preserve a law firm that has strong name recognition and a good internal culture. It does mean, however, that doing so requires an investment of considerable effort and energy to keep it from following the natural tendency to splinter and dissolve.”

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