Women’s Business Initiative

Lindabury Women Business Initiative

The Women’s Business Initiative (“WBI”) was established in 2007 and provides highly targeted professional development and networking opportunities to our women attorneys, clients and colleagues. Lindabury’s commitment to the professional development and advancement of women attorneys is evident through the creation and ongoing support of this well regarded program.

The WBI program was created in order to establish and nurture relationships between seasoned and junior attorneys within the Firm and the professional community at large. The program focuses on fostering meaningful relationships whereby professional women are able to seek and provide advice and direction in areas of professional advancement, client development, marketing, educational opportunities, community service and family/work balance.

The WBI program is directed by a committee of women attorneys representing multiple offices throughout the firm. The WBI Committee meets regularly in order to develop new programs, events and charitable giving campaigns that will assist in the professional development of participants. The WBI is active in hosting and sponsoring women focused networking events and educational programs, and continuously seeks out and engages in opportunities that can assist women in the expansion of their business acumen and potential.

The Women’s Business Initiative has provided an internal mechanism by which senior members of the firm engage with and mentor younger attorneys so they may continue their personal and professional development. The WBI program allows younger female attorneys to hone their networking and public speaking skills under the guidance of more seasoned professionals while more experienced participants in the program are provided the opportunity to impart their knowledge and experience to the next generation of professional women.

Since the WBI program’s inception, its benefits to the employees of Lindabury McCormick have been significant. The firm has been able to integrate the WBI program into its firm-wide marketing and business development plan and through specifically defined strategies, tracking and reporting, the firm has seen both the professional development benefits of participants along with the financial benefits of new business development.

If you are interested in participating in future WBI events, please visit our E-Alerts page and join the Women's Business Initiative.