International and Domestic Law Firm Networks

Lindabury is a member of two international law firm networks. In the shifting global business landscape, Lindabury’s membership in these networks continues to be an invaluable service benefit to clients. When our client’s legal needs cross borders we have access to a core group of highly capable legal service providers, vetted for their professionalism and ethics, ready and able to assist.

We are the U.S. representative to The Parlex Group, an organization comprised of several dozen mid-sized law firms throughout Europe and Asia. The Parlex Group is an international network of 28 independent law firms that provides members with immediate access to legal specialists across 25 countries.

We also serve as the exclusive New Jersey representative to LEGUS, an organization with over 2,500 attorney members worldwide serving virtually every legal discipline and industry. Founded in 1995 LEGUS members have developed trusted, valuable and respected relationships with each other. When client’s needs go beyond their borders, a LEGUS member can contact trusted lawyers to help meet those needs. LEGUS reflects a vibrant worldwide range of work and client referrals between member firms.