Divorce & Family Law

The divorce and family law attorneys at Lindabury have decades of experience representing clients in divorce and other serious family law matters in New Jersey and New York.

When facing a divorce it is of vital importance that you choose an experienced attorney with the knowledge and resources to guide you through this complex and sometimes emotionally charged process. Lindabury’s team of skilled lawyers is well trained and continuously increasing their professional education in the ever-evolving landscape of divorce law.

Our experience ranges from counseling clients involved in extremely complex and contentious divorces which sometimes involve determining the value of a family business, professional practice, second home, investment properties or family trusts, to cordial prenuptial agreements, civil unions or adoption actions.

Regardless of your particular family law situation, our divorce attorneys possess the substantive knowledge and experience to provide you with the guidance, care and legal counsel needed.

Inevitably secondary legal issues may arise during the course of a divorce. The sale of property, valuation of a business and re-drafting of estate plans are just a few of the issues which many divorce clients face. Of major importance to many of our divorce clients is the ability to access the additional legal services they need all within the same firm.

As one of the largest law firms in New Jersey, clients of our Divorce group benefit by our lawyer’s ability to tap into the resources of Lindabury’s tax, estate, real estate and corporate practices. This is a value which does not exist in other law firms who only focus on practicing divorce law.  From our office in New York City we are able to provide these same services to matrimonial clients who may need the experience of attorneys in the firm from complimentary areas of practice.   

Our firm’s taxation and estate attorneys assist clients with tax planning and estate planning in advance of marriage, during the marriage, and after a marital dissolution. Our real estate attorneys assist in the sale or refinancing of property and our corporate attorneys can assist in the valuation, sale or succession of a family-owned business.

It is important that your divorce attorney has access to and relationships with skilled and responsive third-party professionals including accountants, valuation experts, mental health counselors, financial planners and real estate professionals. With more than 60 years of service within the communities in which we live and work, our divorce attorneys have a wide variety of professionals to whom you can be introduced when appropriate.

Many times in divorce matters, one party will seek to relocate after the conclusion of their divorce. For individuals facing such issues, we provide representation on both interstate custody and interstate support matters, based on our lawyers’ extensive experience with the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA) and the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA). These Acts govern interstate support and custody issues here in New Jersey.

A unique aspect of Lindabury’s Divorce group is the dedication to remaining up to speed with new developments in the practice of divorce law. James McGlew, Fred D’Arcangelo, Nicole Kobis and David Tawil are trained family law mediators, and each has successfully mediated a significant number of divorce matters. Fred D’Arcangelo is also trained in collaborative divorce law, and welcomes cases in that new and growing field of divorce practice.

Lindabury's Divorce group is uniquely qualified to assist observant members of the Jewish faith seeking a marital dissolution.  David Tawil regularly represents clients in both the religious and civil aspects of orthodox divorces.  Observant clients rely on our understanding of the religious divorce process including the giving of a "get" and meeting before a Beth Din as well as our experience resolving civil aspects of their divorce including disputes about property, custody, alimony.  Individuals going through a divorce that involves both religious and civil matters, it's beneficial to have an attorney skilled in handling both these facets.

At Lindabury, we pride ourselves on thorough preparation and effective advocacy with a view toward the resolution of disputes through the settlement process or litigation in a manner which is fair, just and compatible with the best interests and needs of our clients and their families.

Divorce and family law matters in New Jersey and New York can be complex, time consuming and emotionally charged. You will want to have an attorney to consult that understands the issues and has the experience and disposition to work with you as you navigate the divorce process. If you would like to consult with one of Lindabury’s Divorce attorneys we invite you to contact us. All inquiries made are confidential.