Restrictive Covenants and Non-Compete Agreements


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Crowne Plaza Hotel Fairfield

Crowne Plaza Hotel Fairfield
690 Route 46 E
Fairfield, 07004-1539

On Saturday March 19, 2016 Labor and Employment group Co-Chair, John Schmidt will serve as the moderator of a New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education (NJICLE) seminar focused on restrictive covenants and non-compete agreements.

Employers use many types of restrictive covenants (like non-competes, non-disclosures and post-employment agreements) to guard intellectual assets, trade secrets, customer
information and other business information. These important tools can be vital for a business’s success. However, they must be drafted and executed with care – overly broad agreements or
agreements executed without proper counsel are certain to invite judicial scrutiny, especially during periods of high unemployment, and may ultimately be unenforceable.

Moreover, counsel must always keep damages in mind. While many employment agreement cases start with a request fo r injunctive relief, they can result in significant damages. Both
sides must consider damages when preceding with litigation.

Topics To Be Covered Include

  • Recent developments in the enforceability of restrictive covenants in New Jersey
  • Preparing and drafting effective and enforceable restrictive covenants
  • Concerns on the enforceability of restrictive covenants in foreign
    (outside New Jersey) jurisdictions
  • Common Law duties of loyalty and confidentiality
  • Quantifying Damages
  • Calculating Lost Profits
  • Liquidated Damages

This program has been approved by the Board on Continuing Legal Education of the Supreme Court of New Jersey for 3.3 hours of total CLE credit. Of these, 3.3 qualify as hours of credit toward certification in civil trial law.

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