Disputes Between Business Partners Can Be Resolved Without Going To Court

ALTERNATE Dispute Resolution of Business Claims

Business conflicts arise in a myriad of different situations, such as:  minority shareholder claims, dissolution, allegations of  self dealing, breach of fiduciary duty, and violations of restrictive covenants. Additionally, minority partners may allege they have been shutout of the business, or a stockholder may seek greater access to internal investigations. Individuals may also seek to have their interests bought out. Even where there is a governing document dealing with dissolution, there is frequently a dispute as to how it applies in a given situation. Any of these claims expose the business entity to damages and the high cost of litigation. Beyond that, there is the concern that corporate secrets or methods of doing business will be exposed to competitors. There may be concern that questionable tax practices may come to the attention of the court.  Even if there is a confidentially order in effect, it is likely that the competitor will learn of the dispute and take advantage of the turmoil within the company. Similarly, an individual suing a business entity risks being labeled a trouble maker and having their business reputation compromised.

Mediation presents a more efficient, less expensive, and confidential method to resolve these disputes. The parties can agree on the ground rules for the mediation. Mediation can be undertaken immediately with the mediator permitting some discovery, or it can be started after the parties have already commenced litigation. The mediator can work with accountants, as necessary. Mediation is a viable solution when dealing with a problem of a small business and also when dealing with more complex issue such as interlocking corporations and closely held family businesses.

Alternately, the parties may decide they cannot successfully mediate their differences and may want to appoint an arbitrator to render a biding decision. Courts can take years to decide issues; however, they can be resolved much more quickly in arbitration. The distraction of litigation and the drain of expensive litigation can be put to rest in an efficient manner and the business can refocus on its core function.

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