Nicole A. Kobis, Esq. discusses the challenges of “Divorce & Your Children” on Legal Breakdown

No one goes into a marriage expecting to be divorced, but when a family makes that tough decision, the last thing you want is for your children to be caught in the crossfire.

Nicole A. Kobis, Esq., partner in Lindabury’s Divorce and Family Law Practice Group, discusses the challenges of Divorce & Your Children as a featured guest on RVN Television’s Legal Breakdown, with host Erin Brueche.

Topics Include:

  • 2:47: How is custody determined in New Jersey?
  • 3:34: What are the different types of custody?
  • 5:12: Who determines the custody of the child?
  • 7:01: How are holidays and vacations determined?
  • 8:33: What happens if a child does not want to follow the schedule parents determine are in their best interest?
  • 9:36: What if there is conflict with the parents? How would that affect the custody of the child?
  • 11:48: Do parents have to constantly go to court every time a child ages and hits a milestone?
  • 15:26: How has COVID-19 changed the face of custody matters?
  • 18:23: How have decisions on the COVID-19 Vaccine affected these custody situations?
  • 20:16: How do custody and parenting time issues get mediated?
  • 21:17: Are there any avenues for parents with high conflict situations to resolve their disputes expeditiously?
  • 23:42: What kind of costs are involved in litigation vs. mediation, and parenting coordination?
  • 25:17: Tips to consider when going through a divorce.
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