Business Counsel and Transactions

In today's increasingly complex market economy, business entities need competent and experienced lawyers that can provide legal counsel and representation in the broad range of areas that impact on their business. From financing, property leasing, business organization and intellectual property protection to labor negotiations, employment counsel, mergers and acquisitions and taxation, businesses need advisors and advocates that can help them negotiate the legal landscape and reach their business goals.

Our diverse practice has the breadth of capabilities and the depth of experience to provide businesses with effective legal counsel for both routine and complex challenges. We have advised hundreds of successful businesses in the full range of their needs. We are particularly well suited for maturing businesses that seek quality legal work in a variety of areas from a single law firm. We have served as general counsel for many privately held businesses and nonprofit organizations, including hospitals and trade associations. We have also served as special counsel in numerous instances in which sophisticated legal work needed to be done, including serving as counsel in these areas: energy and utilities, tax, labor, mergers and acquisitions, executive compensation, employee benefit funds and the environment.

Our practice is structured to be attentive and sensitive to the individualized needs of clients. We staff our projects efficiently and appropriately for serving small and midsize businesses. We also routinely draw upon our capabilities in our diverse practice areas to maximize our value to our clients.

Areas of Practice:
  • Corporate Compliance and Planning
    • Corporate structure, books and records
    • Shareholder and board actions and requirements
    • Federal, state and local regulations and other requirements
    • International and domestic taxation
    • Shareholder agreements
    • Succession planning
  • Business Transactions
  • Proprietary Rights Protection
    • Creating and maximizing intellectual property rights
    • Copyrights, trademarks, trade names, and trade secrets
    • Licensing
    • Protecting proprietary information
  • Employment and Labor
    • Policies, benefits, compensation
    • Contracts and labor negotiations
    • OSHA, FLSA and wage-and-hour
    • Employment contracts
    • Executive compensation
  • Real Estate
    • Purchases, sales, leases, development
    • Zoning, planning, land use
    • Environmental
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
    • Full trial and appellate practice
    • General commercial litigation
    • Employment disputes
    • Construction disputes
    • Complex commercial issues