Energy & Utility Law

The firm's energy and public utility practice includes the representation of groups of consumers of regulated services, individual consumers of both regulated and unregulated services, project developers and occasionally the providers of traditional regulated and unregulated utility services.

The firm's energy and public utility practice originated in the early 1970's, as large industrial energy consumers identified the need to be effectively represented by legal counsel in the various natural gas and electric utility rate proceedings before the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and other regulatory bodies. Since that time, the firm has routinely represented groups comprising many of the largest industrial energy users in New Jersey as intervenors in base rate cases, fuel adjustment clause proceedings, and generic proceedings involving every electric and gas distribution company in New Jersey. Additionally, our public utility practice has expanded to encompass other utility services, including water, sewer, and telecommunications, from both the customer side and the utility side Lindabury is highly regarded in the utility arena, and through its continued involvement in this field for more than thirty-five years, has established good working relationships with utility personnel and regulators alike.

In today's emerging competitive environment, there is an increasing need for effective legal representation of the interests of individual consumers of traditional public utility services, both in their dealings with their local utilities and in their efforts to obtain savings through alternative sources of supply. Again, we offer the proven experience and expertise to effectively advise and represent the interests of individual clients of traditional public utility services, whether it be in connection with considering and/or developing a client's own source of supply, contracting for alternative sources of supply and/or transportation services on behalf of a client, or in connection with the client's relationships with its traditional utility suppliers. Although the bulk of our involvement has been within the State of New Jersey, we have represented business clients in several states in their dealings with local utilities and in negotiating alternative sources of supply on behalf of users.