Reputation Management in the Digital Age


8:00 am - 10:30 am

Tabula Rasa Gallery & Event Space

Tabula Rasa Gallery & Event Space
1645 Irving Street
Rahway, 07065

In the ongoing backlash against sexual misconduct in the workplace signified by #MeToo, every business is reminded of the importance of protecting itself against the unthinkable: a sudden reputation crisis that could cause lasting – or even fatal – damage.

The misconduct of a single employee, sexual or otherwise, can unleash a frenzy of public outrage that will test the leadership and communication skills of even the most seasoned executives. An unanticipated crisis can hit at any time. No organization is immune.

Join Lindabury employment law partner, Kathleen Connelly, as she joins Jon Goldberg, founder and Chief Reputation Architect of Reputation Architects Inc., as a panelist to explain how legal counsel and PR counsel can work together to manage the best possible outcomes in the event of a crisis at your company.

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