DOL Issues New FMLA Forms and Poster

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As illustrated in a related article in this issue, employers who fail to comply with the FMLA’s various notice requirements may land an employer in court. Although employers are free to craft their own notices so long as they are compliant with regulatory requirements, the DOL has issued standard forms containing all of the required components which the prudent employer should certainly utilize when administering FMLA requests. The DOL has recently issued updated FMLA forms that are available though the DOL website, or can be downloaded in a PDF by clicking here. Employers should note that the updated forms do not include the Military Caregiver Leave form due to recent changes in those requirements that will presumably result in an revised form in the near future.

In addition, in conjunction with the new rule addressing Military Caregiver Leave, the DOL has issued a new FMLA poster that employers must prominently display in the workplace. A copy of the poster is likewise available on the DOL website.

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