Public Safety

Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook & Cooper’s public safety group serves the interests of Police, Fire and other public sector bargaining units throughout New Jersey. Serving dozens of organizations, we routinely represent our clients during collective bargaining and mediation; prosecute grievance and interest arbitration matters on their behalf; provide general counsel regarding such matters as employer-employee relations, effective union leadership, and employees’ rights; and represent individual employees in connection with work-related disputes.

Our attorneys have been involved in the formation, incorporation and preparation of constitutions and by-laws for various associations. They have litigated nearly every conceivable type of matter before the Public Employment Relations Commission, including PERC elections, representation petitions, clarification of unit petitions, decertification applications, scores of unfair labor practice proceedings and negotiations, grievance arbitrations and interest arbitrations.

We have also represented hundreds of individual police officers in grievances, administrative and disciplinary hearings, and in defense of civil and criminal matters brought against them as a result of actions taken in the course of their duties.