COVID-19 and Virtual Divorce Mediation

The COVID-19 virus has placed the population in a situation the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetime.  It has had an impact on almost every facet of our lives. It has raised, and will continue to raise, the stress levels each of us experience in everyday life.

As a family law attorney, I can confirm that it has had a crippling effect on the legal system and its ability to attend to cases.  Courthouses are closed to the public. For the foreseeable future, Judges and their staff will be working remotely. The time-consuming process of divorce litigation will face extended future delays.

As an alternative to the delays posed by the virus, I am pleased to offer “Virtual Mediation Services.”

Divorce mediation itself is the private process for discussing and resolving the parental and financial issues that are part of any family law case. Rather than pursuing the resolution of disputes through the court system whose backlogs increase every day, couples can voluntarily agree to work out issues between themselves with the assistance of a neutral third party (an accredited divorce mediator).

By using common internet technology, I am conducting “Virtual Divorce Mediation” with couples who are contemplating separation or divorce, who are involved in divorce litigation now or are separated or divorced and have had issues come up which need to be addressed.

I am trained and accredited as a family law mediator with the New Jersey Supreme Court under New Jersey Court Rule 1:40-5 and have assisted couples by serving as their mediator for over 20 years.

There is considerable advantage for a couple if the mediator is an attorney because he or she is best suited to interpret current New Jersey divorce law as it pertains to the issues the couples are mediating.

If you are interested in pursuing Virtual Mediation or discussing the possibilities further, either as a litigant or an attorney, please contact me via email or call (908) 233-6800 ext. 2363.

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