Governor Christie Signs Major Alimony Reform Bill Into Law

By: James McGlew

On September 10, 2014, Governor Christie signed into law A845 which makes significant changes to New Jersey alimony law.  The reformed alimony statute will dramatically impact the way spousal support is calculated going forward.  

Important changes to New Jersey alimony include:

  1. The elimination of “permanent alimony” which has been replaced with “open durational alimony”.  Open durational alimony means alimony orders can be changed or terminated under certain circumstances.
  2. New guidelines for limited duration alimony have been established and are based on the length of marriage.
  3. Judges will have authority to end alimony payments if the recipient lives with a partner, even if they do not marry.
  4. Judges may have the authority to modify alimony obligations if the payor spouse is unemployed for more than 90 days.
  5. Judges will have authority to reduce alimony payments if the payer loses their job or reaches the Federal retirement age of 67.

This new law changes nothing for those who have already been ordered to pay permanent alimony.

The members of Lindabury’s Divorce & Family Law Group welcome the opportunity to discuss how the new alimony law may impact indivduals contemplating divorce.

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