Cybersecurity Training

More than half of all cyberattacks are directed at small and midsized businesses costing an affected organization an average of $1.8 million. Those figures do not account for the 60% of companies who go out of business within six months of a successful cyberattack.

Lindabury offers an interactive cybersecurity training program for employees and management designed to educate and empower all employees so that they can be the first line of cyber defense of your company’s information and infrastructure.

Lindabury’s cybersecurity training program is designed around the concept that everyone has a role to play in maintaining a cyber-secure environment and our training provides guidance on creating and maintaining a cyber-secure workplace. This includes understanding and evaluating the data your business retains, identifying potential cyber threats before they happen and developing protocols to report, quarantine and remedy cyber intrusions.

Topics covered in our cybersecurity training include:

  • Common cybersecurity threats and attacks
  • Information security principles, policies, resources and expectations of employees
  • Applicable laws and regulations
  • Information classification and safeguarding
  • Personnel security and access management
  • Acceptable use of IT resources including internet, email, social media and remote access
  • Mobile device protection
  • Information security controls
  • Cyber incident reporting and response
  • Service provider risk management
  • Customer / client data protection
  • Risk and compliance management

Regular cybersecurity training is the easiest thing that a company can do to protect itself from cyberattack and is mandated by many insurers providing cyber insurance policies.

With the proper behavioral changes organizations can greatly minimize their chances of suffering a devastating cyber breach. It all starts with educating your employees and developing a culture of cybersecurity.

If you would like to learn more about how Lindabury can assist in educating and preparing your employees to identify and prevent attempted cyberattacks contact any member of Lindabury’s Cybersecurity team.

Robert W. Anderson

Eric B. Levine