Alternative Dispute Resolution

Complementing our litigation services at Lindabury is our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Practice. As its name denotes, this practice is for the resolution of commercial and civil disputes by means other than conventional courtroom trial, principally, by mediation and arbitration. In general, it is seen as a quicker, more cost-effective means of resolving disputes.

Our ADR practice is led by John M. ("Jack") Boyle, former Union County Superior Court Judge in the Equity Part. Jack provides services as an independent mediator, arbitrator, special master and complex case manager. His seventeen years as a judge in Union County in various positions of the court and his 30 years as a private attorney prior to his judicial tenure have given him the legal and interpersonal tools to handle disputes practically, fairly and efficiently.

Our litigation attorneys also routinely participate in ADR when representing clients, either as an imposed or voluntary alternative to litigation. They approach these proceedings with the same vigor and resolve they would apply at trial, making good use of the advantages these alternative venues offer.