Business Succession Planning

An important part of every business plan and estate plan for business owners is providing for the transition of the business’s ownership. Depending on the exact nature and circumstances of the business, such plans can involve the organization and sale of the business, shareholders’ agreements, management and key employee issues, family succession issues, special compensation agreements, and tax and insurance issues. Decisions made regarding these issues usually have a significant financial, legal and personal impact on the owner, his or her family and heirs, the company’s employees and on the business itself.

At Lindabury, we have a long history of experience with business succession planning. We have represented closely held and family-owned businesses for fifty years. We have also represented and written estate plans for business owners throughout this period. We have represented business owners in the sale and reorganization of their businesses. We have provided careful tax analysis for the maximum tax benefit to owners and their heirs. And we have guided families and businesses through complicated and sometimes emotional transitions.

Our team of attorneys has the necessary business, estate and tax experience to guide owners through the complex web of issues that often surround the transition of a business. Our practice is large enough to have handled many large and sophisticated business transactions, yet small enough to have an intimate understanding of the personal investment owners and their families have made in the businesses they have built. Our experienced attorneys are available to help you meet your business succession objectives.