Estate & Trust Administration

When someone dies, their assets need to be collected, managed and distributed. Estate administration is the collection of those assets, payment of outstanding debts owed by the decedent and the distribution of any remaining assets. The attorneys of Lindabury’s Wills, Trusts & Estates group regularly assist clients in the administration of estates of all sizes and complexities.

We work with clients to probate the decedent’s estate with the courts and assist the personal representative, either named in the will or by the court, to manage the estate. This includes conducting an inventory of the estate so that all of the decedent’s assets are accounted for and ensuring that all creditors are notified that the decedent has died. Should estate assets remain after the payment of any outstanding debts, the personal representative will distribute them in accordance with the direction outlined in the decedent’s will. Absent a will we assist personal representatives with navigating the distribution of assets when a decedent has died intestate. Our estate administration services also include advising on filing all necessary tax returns for the estate, instituting litigation to collect any monies owed to the estate and defending the estate against will contests.