Construction Contracts

The members of the Lindabury Construction Practice Group are highly skilled in all facets of construction contracting, including analyzing, negotiating, drafting and administering contracts between contractors, subcontractors, owners and architects/design professionals. We focus on protecting our clients and adding value to their projects beginning with the initial negotiations of each construction contract. Our goal is to identify contractual issues upfront that could result in exposure to liability, project delays, increased expenses and which affect the resolution of any disputes that may arise during the course of a project. Doing so enables us to provide protection to our clients before each construction project begins, which results in substantial cost savings throughout the entire project.

Lindabury’s Construction Practice Group has vast knowledge and experience with public and private projects of all types and sizes as well as local, state and federal laws and regulations relating to construction, enabling us to quickly and efficiently identify areas of concern in any project documents. We utilize that knowledge and experience to tailor our clients’ contracts to fit their particular needs and find solutions that are customized to the unique situations presented to us. Whether it be reviewing AIA contracts, ConsensusDocs, or drafting a proprietary contract for our clients, we strive to implement methods of risk management in favor of our clients that are comprehensive and workable under the circumstances of each unique project.