Government Procurement

Government Contract Procurement is a highly specialized area of the law that often demands a comprehensive response in a compressed period of time. Depending upon the nature of the Public Agency that is seeking bids, a different and unique set of rules and regulations will apply and govern the procurement process. These rules and regulations must be filed precisely in order to preserve a bidder’s rights.

Our Construction Attorneys have extensive experience in all facets of governmental procurement. Whether the Public Agency you are dealing with is the Federal Government, State of New Jersey, a Municipality, County, or School Board, we are prepared to:

  • Review and provide oversight in the preparation and submission of your bid documents in response to a publicly advertised bid
    Our Construction Attorneys are well versed in the public bidding laws including, but not limited to, the Local Public Contracts Law, Public Schools Contract Law, State College Contracts Law, County College Contracts Law, and State Building Contracts. We are prepared to assist you in the preparation of your bid submission to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and statutory requirements.
  • Defend and prosecute bid challenges and protests
    Whether it is preserving your right to protest a bid, submitting a protest post bid opening, , or defending a challenge to your bid initiated by the Owner or another bidder, our Construction Attorneys are here to guide you step by step through the process. We routinely handle bid protests before the local public agency, as well as the New Jersey Superior Court. Our Attorneys regularly appear before the New Jersey Superior Court to obtain, as well as defend against, the imposition of injunctive relief “staying” the award or execution of a publicly bid contract.
  • Provide counsel during contract performance
    Our Construction Attorneys understand that your need for competent legal counsel does not stop with contract award. We are prepared to assist you during the course of performance of your scope of work by providing guidance as needed in such areas as interpretation of your contractual rights and obligations, claim preparation, perfection of contractual and statutory rights (including your rights under New Jersey’s Municipal Mechanics’ Lien Law, New Jersey’s Bond Act, and New Jersey’s Prompt Pay Act), retainage reduction, and the defense of back charges.
  • Representation of clients before applicable Governmental Agencies regarding Wage and Hour Compliance claims