Human Resources Consulting

Clients rely on Lindabury’s Employment Law group to assist their in-house human resources departments remain compliant with continuously evolving Federal, state and local employment laws and regulations. Our employment law team stays up to date with all legal and legislative development impacting how clients hire, engage and when necessary, terminate their workforce. We hold regular educational seminars that address new developments as well as distribute timely updates and legal alerts outlining changes in the law of which businesses must be made aware. Educational outreach coupled with on-site training for clients helps to minimize risks associated with out-of-date employment practices.

Areas in which we counsel human resource departments include:

  • Creating and maintaining employee handbooks and workplace policies
  • Ensure lawful hiring practices
  • Ensuring wage and hour compliance
  • Accommodating disability and religious needs
  • Paid and unpaid leave policies for employees
  • Protecting trade secrets
  • Lawful employee discipline, internal investigations and employment termination
  • Anti-harassment training for management and staff